FAMILY:   Wife, Marian Evelyn Isaacson; Eight grown children;  twenty grand children.

  Graduated from Garfield High School, Seattle, Washington  Class  of '49.
  College; general courses at Seattle  Pacific University and University of Washington
  Correspondence course in Accounting from International  Accountants Society along         with on the job training at the  Seattle office of United Parcel Service.  (At that time UPS    had one of the most comprehensive cost accounting systems in the U.S.) 
  More than fifty years in the School of Hard Knocks.

  Pacific Trails Sportswear, Seattle, as shipping clerk.   Boeing Airplane Co., Seattle, as     shipping clerk.  Fuller Brush Co. as a route salesman.  United States Air Force: Two and   one half years active reserve and sixteen months active duty as a Radar Operator             stationed in Fairbanks Alaska.  Rank, Airman 2nd Class.  United Parcel Service,              Seattle: Started as Returns Clerk and Cashier, promoted to Office Clerk, then Payroll        Clerk, then  Assistant Accountant, then Plant Accountant  and Office Manager.  Five        Firs Office Machine Repair as Service Salesman and assistant repair person.                   Kennworth Motor Truck Co, Seattle, as Cost Accounting Clerk.  Kings Garden Schools,    Seattle, as School Bus Driver.  Founded G.J. Isaacson & Associates, Edmonds, Wa.,      Answering Service, Inc., Lynnwood, Wash.: Owner, President & General Manager for        20+ years.

  A. Established G.J. Isaacson & Associates, Income Tax Service in 1959 which grew to     approximately 3000 clients, eight seasonal offices employing 12 part time tax preparers    and 3 staff people. Sold the business in 1983 to three employees who formed a                partnership to buy and operate the business.  Have worked for the firm on a seasonal        basis since the time of sale.
  B. Purchased Sno-King Answering Service in 1962 with 85 subscribers, one                     switchboard,  and  5  employees.  After incorporating as Answering Service, Inc.,              Olympia Answering Service was purchased and later two small services were purchased   in Olympia; also a P6 paging channel.  Then the Answering Service in Longview,               Washington was purchased.  Later a small service in Everett was purchased and a full      service office was established in Everett.  When the business was sold to McCaw             Industries in 1982, ASI consisted of four offices with 22 switchboards, 1400 subscribers     (including about 150 paging customers), and 70 employees.
  C. Partnership with son Dean in building multi-family dwellings mostly in the south            Snohomish County area, building numerous rental units.  Later purchased building lots      and office  duplex's in Moses Lake, Wa. My responsibilities included searching for            porperties and financing projects.
  D. Purchased fourteen rental units in Moses Lake, Wa., which have since been sold.
  E. In July of 1990 established Espresso business in Moses Lake  known as Espresso      Break, incorporated as The E Factor, Inc.  That business failed in 1994.

  A. Founder of National Association of Income Tax Practitioners; held office of President,    three terms, and Director for several years;  Executive Director and meeting planner for      several years.
  B. Founder of Washington Society of Tax Professionals.  Held positions of President and   director and seminar presenter.
  C. Founder of Institute of Tax Preparers and was the author of the Certification program     for Tax Preparers.  Held positions of President, Registrar.  Am  currently Senior Regent.      D. Founder of Reaching Ministries, Inc.  Am currently Executive Director.                         responsibilities include the day to day operation of  the ministry and fulfilling the two          primary functions of the ministry: 1) Performing Praise in Song Concerts  2) Fund Raiser   for the ministry of Good News Missionary Fellowship in Tamil Nadu, South India.

  A. Was member of Edgewood Baptist Church in Edmonds Washington for 35 years          where I was involved as Church Chairman, Treasurer, Chairman of Finance Committee,      Choir Director, Worship Leader, Soloist, Sunday School Teacher and DVBS worker and    much more.
  B. Currently, member of First Baptist Church, Moses Lake, Washington where I am          Chairman of the Missions Leadership Team and occasional Worship Leader and Soloist.   Have also been involved in DVBS and other activities.
  C. Served as member the Columbia Baptist Conference Foundation Board.

  A. Member of Sno-King Kawinis, Edmonds, Wa for 20+ years
  B. Member of Sunrise Kawinis, Moses Lake, Wa for 3 years
  C. Member of Toastmasters in Seattle and Moses Lake for about twenty years: still              active
  D. American Society of Tax Professionals, active
E. Washington Society of Tax Professionals, active
  F. Institute of Tax Consultants, active
  G. National Notary Association (NNA)
Income Tax Service
                                     GILES ISAACSON  has served the people of Washington State                                           for more than 46 years.  As a Certified Tax Preparer (CTP) he is                                           highly qualified to meet all of your needs relating to Personal                                               Income Tax, Small Business and Fiduciaries.    As a Certified                                             Tax Preparer (CTP) one must pass a comprehensive examination                                        and maintain that certifiation by fulfilling 30 hours of continuing                                            education in Taxation every year.

  * Office appointments - Call 509-750-4105 to make an appointment with Giles Isaacson at the office.  During Tax Season he is available from 9 AM to 9 PM for office appointments.

  * Mail in  your tax information if you are out of the area or if you prefer not
to take time to come to the office.  We have clients in many places through-
out the USA who mail in their tax work to us.  You may mail your information
to GEM Financials,   PO Box 1785, Moses Lake WA 98837.
  * Or, you may FAX your information to 509-766-9171 or 815-572-5463.

* Tax Organizer - To help you organize your tax information before you come for your appointment or mail in your work,  upon request we will send you a free Tax Organizer which you may bring or send when you have your tax work done.  Call and request your free Tax Organizer.

  * State Tax Returns - We are equipped to prepare State Tax Returns of every state where State  Income Tax  filing is required.

  * Electronic Filing is an option if you would like to receive your refund within approximately ten days to three weeks depending on the method of refund chosen.  There is an additional charge for this service.       
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